Center for Reliable Energy Systems


CRES is releasing a general-purpose tensile strain tool Gwise®-TSC. This software tool was developed by CRES specifically for the assessment of circumferential anomalies in pipelines subjected to moderate-to-high levels of axial/longitudinal stress/strain such as that generated by construction, settlements, geohazards, etc.
• Standard and customized Gwise®-TSC, available through license agreements, can be used for
(a) determining tensile strain capacity (TSC),
(b) evaluating circumferential features reported by ILI,
(c) performing deterministic and probabilistic FFS assessment at system-wide or site-specific level, and
(d) developing pipe specifications and girth welding requirements for strain-resistant applications.
• CRES will maintain Gwise®-TSC and provide updates with new capabilities.

Download slides from the Gwise®-TSC Introductory Webinar

A recording is also available on request, please contact us at [email protected].