Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Software Development

  • Fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment
    1. Deterministic and reliability-based engineering critical assessment (ECA)
    2. Strain-based design and tensile capacity prediction
    3. Fatigue life prediction for welds, wrinkles, and mechanical damage
  • Lift and lowering-in stress management
    1. Operational parameters for lifting and lowering
    2. Tradeoffs among operational parameters for the management of stress
  • Welding
    1. Thermal cycle prediction in weld metal and HAZ of pipeline girth welding
    2. Correlation/prediction of weld and HAZ hardness/tensile strength
  • SCC image analysis
    1. Automated recognition of individual cracks in colonies
    2. Application of interaction rules and burst pressure prediction
  • Database
    1. User-defined searchable database of linepipe materials and welds, including attributes of mechanical properties, chemical composition, welding methods, etc.

Representative Publications