Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Linepipe Specifications and Manufacturing

  • Linepipe specifications for improved tolerance to strains, including strain-based design
    1. Supplemental linepipe specifications
    2. Linepipe specifications for selecting pipes from distributors
  • Procedures for the accurate determination of pipeline yield strength
    1. Test protocol, including specimen dimensions, instrumentation plan, and post-test data processing and validity checks, to obtain consistent tensile properties
  • Welding and procedure qualification of double jointing
    1. Prediction of weld and HAZ properties under various welding parameters
  • Steel properties for improved tolerance to strains in pipelines
    1. Micromechanistic modeling of dual phase steels to provide production guidance for the improvement of steel’s resistance to high strains and having high Charpy impact energy
  • Development of inspection, testing, and acceptance procedures of skelp-end welds of spiral pipes
    1. Recommended ITP for the potential use of joints with skelp-end welds
    2. Mechanical testing (small and large-scale) of skelp-end welds
    3. Integrity evaluation of skelp-end welds

Representative Publications