Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Experimental Tests and Material Characterization

  • Directing and supervising material characterization and large-scale testing
    For large scale, e.g., curved wide plates and full-scale pipes, and unique tests, provide

    1. Specifications for specimens geometries
    2. Instrumentation plan
    3. Post-test data analysis
    4. Assessment of the significance of test data
  • Mechanical testing of vintage pipes and welds
    1. Tensile strength of pipe and weld
    2. Charpy transition curves
    3. Weld strength mismatch
    4. Microhardness maps
    5. Instrumented cross-weld testing with or without weld flaws
    6. Determination of apparent CTOD toughness
  • Characterization of weld anomalies
    1. Type and size of anomalies
    2. Confirmation of NDT techniques

Example Projects – Strain Capacity Assessment

Representative Publications