Center for Reliable Energy Systems


CRES provides training courses and seminars tailored to specific customer needs on a wide range of topics related to the materials selection, weld testing, and integrity assessment of energy systems.  Some examples of our seminars are:

  • Strain-Based Design of Pipelines
  • ECA of Pipeline Girth Welds
  • Application of the New API Standard 1104 Appendix A (July 2007 Errata)
  • Post-Construction Integrity Assessment of Welds with Sharp Flaws
  • Material Considerations for Modern High Strength Pipelines
  • Fracture Toughness Testing of Welds

CRES selected presentations and seminars

If you are interested in any of those seminars, please call 614-808-4872 or send email to [email protected]. Please provide your name, affiliation, contact information and any questions about the seminars.

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