Center for Reliable Energy Systems

New Pipeline – Design

  • Integrated approach to strain-based design and assessment (SBDA)
    1. Design
    2. Material specification/qualification
    3. Tensile strain models
    4. Compressive strain models
    5. Field welding and NDT
    6. Post-construction quality verification
    7. Post-construction monitoring
    8. Strain threshold for maintenance
    9. Interacting defects
  • Limit state functions and design
    1. Review limit state functions related to high-strength steels and/or in the presence of high longitudinal strains
    2. Develop new limit state functions for (a) corrosion, (b) mechanical damage
  • Pipeline integrity in areas of mine subsidence
    1. Determination of strain demand by conducting pipe/soil interaction modeling
    2. Assessment of pipeline integrity by comparing strain demand with strain capacity
  • Tensile strain models
    1. Tensile strain models incorporating key influencing factors for modern and vintage pipelines
    2. Toughness input with various options
    3. Evaluation/validation of models
    4. Software
  • Strain capacity of spiral pipes
    1. Comparing strain capacity of spiral pipes with straight-seam pipes
    2. Development of design and assessment methodology
  • Stress analysis and code compliance of station piping
    1. Stress analysis for code compliance and integrity assurance

Example Projects – SBDA of Pipeline in Area of Mine Subsidence

Representative Publications