Center for Reliable Energy Systems


Position Openings

Operations Manager / Office Manager


Center for Reliable Energy Systems (CRES) is a consulting and applied research organization for the energy industry. CRES has an immediate opening for a full-time operations manager. Individuals without experience in corporate management or in executive role will instead be considered for an office manager position.

This is a salaried position with a full range of benefits and a bonus plan.

Main Responsibilities

An individual in this position is expected to manage all non-technical aspects of the business. The primary responsibilities are:

  1. Building and maintaining a project management dashboard that provides near-real-time status for project finance, labor cost, schedule, deliverables, etc.,
  2. Managing and maintaining company financial records, including accounts receivable and payable, subcontractor accounts, expenses, etc., and
  3. Managing all administrative tasks.

Secondary Responsibilities

Depending on the level of effort needed for the main responsibilities, the individual may also take on the following duties:

  1. Issuing and tracking invoices,
  2. Maintaining a staff management and recruiting system,
  3. Reviewing and maintaining contracts, and
  4. Performing other general office duties.


  1. Have a good understanding of project cycles and project management processes
  2. Have a good understanding of financial management
  3. Be able to maintain, track, and execute multiple threads of administrative work
  4. Be self-motivated and have goal-oriented work habits
  5. Be open-minded and have a strong desire to learn new skills
  6. Be committed to continuous improvement
  7. Have excellent communication skills
  8. Have strong teamwork ethics, including a willingness to listen to and help others
  9. Be proficient with the Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  10. Be dependable and precise
  11. Be good with organizing and presenting data
  12. Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management, finance, or science and engineering.

Other Desirable Attributes

Much of the work at CRES is technology-focused and utilizes specialized technical skills. Almost all of our staff members have advanced degrees in engineering and sciences. Individuals with training or interest in technology development may find the environment attractive and enriching. Applicants with technical training or worked in technical consulting or technology development companies are highly desirable.

Work Environment and Application

CRES has a results-oriented work environment that prizes individual output over time spent on a job. Employees are offered flexibility in their schedules and approaches to problem-solving, provided work is completed on time satisfactorily.

Interested candidates may send resumes to [email protected] Please include the websites of your previous employers, if available.

Positions in Mechanical, Materials, and Software Engineering


CRES is looking for highly motivated individuals to fill multiple immediate openings in mechanical, materials, and software engineering. The positions are open to all relevant engineering disciplines at preferably MS or PhD level.
Interested candidates may send resumes to [email protected]


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Documented history of self-motived and goal-oriented accomplishments
  • Solid background in one or more of the following areas:
    • mechanical engineering
    • materials science and engineering
    • civil engineering
    • finite element analysis
    • material testing and characterization
    • engineering mechanics
    • software management
    • software engineering
  • Preferred finite element analysis skills include static and dynamic structure analysis with commercial software (Abaqus is preferred).  Experience with the development of user subroutines and pre/post-processing scripts is desirable.
  • Preferred software development skills include Python, C++, Visual Basic, and/or Matlab. Experience with user interface design, version control systems is a plus.
  • Spirit of team work and willingness to expand into new technology areas

Job Duties

  • Assisting material characterization, nondestructive evaluation and mechanical testing;
  • Performing analytical/numerical simulation of structures;
  • Performing finite element analysis of soil/structure interaction;
  • Performing structural integrity assessment using solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, damage mechanics, and mechanistic models of material responses;
  • Oral and written communications with customers;
  • Writing proposals, reports, and technical briefs;
  • Making presentations to customers.

More about CRES

CRES offers competitive compensation package and excellent environment for career growth.  CRES is a dynamic company with a world renowned reputation in its key technology areas.  Staff members are encouraged to solve practical problems and publish in scientific journals and conferences.  CRES is an equal opportunity employer.