Center for Reliable Energy Systems

CRES provides safe, reliable & cost effective solutions to high-impact and complex problems facing the energy industry.

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CRES applies its fundamental understanding of engineering principles and its practical experience to solve near- and medium-term problems related to energy infrastructure.

Applied Research

CRES conducts applied research with clearly-defined goals to solve complex and far-reaching problems facing the energy industry. Our research is supported by industry consortia, energy companies, and government agencies.


CRES provides practical and actional advices to our customers. Our work has been converted to SOPs (standard operation procedures). Our applied research is published extensively in conferences. CRES strives to positively influence the industry practice through leadership and active participation in the revision and update of industry codes and standards. CRES provides customized trainings covering standard procedures and advanced applications.

High Impact Work

• Strain-based integrity assessment of traditionally stress-based designed and constructed pipelines
• Screening and integrity management of girth welds of modern pipelines with unintentional weld strength undermatching and HAZ softening
• Intelligent flaw interaction rules and their application to SCC clusters for burst pressure prediction
• Excavation and backfill procedures to reduce short- and long-term negative impact on pipeline integrity

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