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Girth Weld Integrity Assessment

Assessing girth weld integrity could be a top priority after ground movement events or weld anomalies are identified in-service.  Such scenarios may also involve axial load levels that exceed the design condition.  Typical fitness-for-service assessments that target nominally elastic material conditions can produce overly conservative outcomes in these cases, potentially leading to unnecessary excavations and obscuring truly critical sites.

Gwise Software Solution for Strain-Based Assessment of Girth Welds

Gwise provides a complete solution for girth weld integrity assessments on strain-based principles.  Built upon state-of-the-art research and decades of industry experience at CRES, Gwise offers powerful functionalities for accurately predicting the strain capacities of girth welds with a wide range of material and geometry configurations.  To complete the integrity assessment, built-in modules support determining the strain demand levels using either field survey or in-line inspection data.  The integrity of the girth welds is then derived from the difference between the strain capacity and strain demand with a safety factor.

Key Benefits of Gwise

  • Accurate, consistent, and streamlined integrity assessments of girth welds with a wide range of characteristics
  • Informed mitigation decisions that focus on truly critical welds
  • Reduction of unnecessary excavations
  • Fracture mechanics-based, defensible approach for fitness-for-service / engineering assessments substantiated by a large number of publications and public-domain reports

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