Center for Reliable Energy Systems



Research Engineer at Dublin, OH

Job Description

  • Performing analytical/numerical simulation of structures; assisting material characterization, nondestructive evaluation and mechanical testing; performing finite element analysis of soil/structure and fluid/solid interaction, structural integrity and fracture mechanics; multiphysics simulation; oral and written communications with customers; writing proposals, reports, and technical briefs; making presentations to customers. These duties are necessary to understand performance of weakest links in the energy infrastructure, such as welds and mechanical components that contain anomalies, such as corrosion. Some energy infrastructure, such as pipelines, is affected by external conditions, such as landslides and flooding. Therefore, the analysis can involve structure/soil and fluid/soil interaction. Fracture mechanics is only applied in the analysis of ageing structure containing anomalies. The outcomes of the analysis/simulation/testing are communicated to customers verbally or in writing, such as reports, papers, technical briefings. Presentations to customers are frequently necessary. The skills to initiate and execute the entire work streams are necessary to meeting the expectations of customers. The work products can affect operational decisions, such as continued operation or shutdown for repair and maintenance.   


  •  Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Materials engineering, civil engineering, or other closely related field; 1 year training in numerical analysis, computational analysis, and solid mechanics, and; 2 years experience in finite element analysis, ANSYS or ABAQUS, and 1 year of experience in Matlab.

All qualified candidates (must meet all the requirements posted in the above job description) to send 2 resumes and cover letters by mail (no calls) to ATTN: Paul Pianca, Center for Reliable Energy Systems, LLC, 5858 Innovation Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016.