Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Presentations at IPC 2020

CRES published 11 papers at the 2020 International Pipeline Conference (IPC) among a total of 226 papers published for the entire conference.  Five of the 11 papers were selected for “live” presentations during a two day virtual conference on September 29-30.  CRES had the most “live” presentations among all conferences participants.

“Live” presentation videos

  • IPC2020-9664 Estimation of Tensile Strain Capacity of Vintage Girth Welds
  • IPC2020-9696 Burst Pressure Prediction of Pipes With SCC Colonies – Evaluation of Intelligent Flaw Interaction Rules Using Full-Scale Burst Tests
  • IPC2020-9725 Improved Linepipe Specifications and Welding Practice for Resilient Pipelines
  • IPC2020-9739 Management of Ground Movement Hazards – an Overview of a JIP
  • IPC2020-9753 Development of Lifting and Lowering-in Plan for the Control of Construction Stresses