Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Presentation to API 1104/5L Joint Work Group

Dr Yong-Yi Wang made a presentation on “Girth Welding in the Age of Evolving Steel Manufacturing Processes and Under Realistic Field Conditions” to the API 1104/5L Joint Task Group at the 2019 Exploration & Production Winter Standards Meeting. The work group stated that a new recommended practice (RP) could be written to address weldability and heat affected zone (HAZ) softening.

A brief discussion occurred in which various documents were identified which could be used as a basis for a weldability RP, including the annex in API 5L on high strain applications, and the SBECA RP which will be balloted to the API 1104 committee in the future.  Participants were reminded that many of the failures discussed in the presentation were not associated with strain-based designs.