Center for Reliable Energy Systems

Weld Integrity Assessment

CRES staff has been involved in the development of in-service welding and weld integrity assessment procedures.  In-service welding can be applied to pipeline repair such as the installation of sleeves and direct weld deposition repair.  One of the most critical applications of in-service welding is hot-tapping which allows the installation of branch pipes while the run pipe is still in operation under full or partial pressure.

CRES conducts heat transfer analyses and HAZ microstructure estimates to assist the selection of welding processes and welding parameters.  The analysis results may be used to assess the propensity of hydrogen induced cracking and/or HAZ softening in modern microalloyed steels.  CRES performs full integrity assessment of resulting weld joints under static and cyclic (fatigue) loads.

CRES conducts integrity assessment of early-generation pipelines which often have unique weld profiles and low toughness.